A Trip to Remember

I’d been planning my retirement for several years. I was in the last six months of working when Carolyn, my wife, told me she needed a vacation. We decided to go to Scandinavia. We’d never been, and wanted to see Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Over the next six months Carolyn planned our trip, and two days after I retired we left on a plane for Copenhagen. We were very excited. After a layover in Washington, D.C., at Dulles International Airport, we arrived in Copenhagen about 8:00AM the next morning, September 3rd.

Copenhagen was a little cooler then we expected, but the weather was clear, so we were optimistic about having a good trip. We took a taxi to our B&B, and after waiting for it to open (we walked around for about an hour), we got into our room. It was not what we expected — it was pretty basic, and the breakfast part of the B&B was not going to happen because the restaurant at which we were supposed to eat was under construction. After our flight we were very tired, so we slept for about four hours, then we went out to eat, and that was our first day in Denmark.

Here’s a few photos of our first day in Denmark: